Watermelon Seeds F-1 Hybrid US-777 Striped (Indian)


There are multiple watermelon varieties in India, however the best and sweetest watermelon variety in India is the Hybrid US 777 Striped Indian Watermelon. It has various health benefits like reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure, reduction in inflammation and stress and relief from muscle soreness. Moreover, watermelons are rich in water content and thus help to keep us hydrated all the time and are rich in antioxidants, plant compounds and Vitamins A and C.

To grow the Indian watermelons all you need is a proper soil mix, water, sun and seeds. You can get the F1 Hybrid Indian watermelon seeds from Urja Seeds. It will provide you with the most nourishing and healthy seeds. Urja Seeds has the experience and expertise of over a decade and we have employed the best research and development techniques to offer a wide range of hybrid and open pollinated seeds.

You can plant the seeds in your home garden easily using right gardening tools and acquire all the amazing benefits of watermelon. First prepare a well nourished soil mix with all the required fertilizers. Keep the plant in such a place where there is adequate exposure to sunlight. The perfect daytime temperature for these watermelon seeds is between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 to 70 degree Fahrenheit at night. There are high chances for the plant to develop fungal diseases so make sure to keep the soil moist and clean from time to time. Soil plays an important role in germination of seeds.

It will take around 80 days to reach the harvesting stage. Watermelons are a great ingredient for your juices, smoothies and salads. It adds a freshness value to your meal and makes you feel energetic. To have this amazing fruit at your disposal whenever you want, start planting the Indian watermelon seeds today!